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 The enterprise created in Tula as works for repair of steam locomotives is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year.

  After the  foundation of the works for repair of steam locomotives Tula situated 200 kilometers to the south of Moscow and known from ancient times as the main advanced post of Moscow southern borders, as a centre of gun business and metallurgy became a centre of machine building.

 For the whole period of its existence the enterprise has gone a difficult way from the works for repair of steam locomotives to the modern company Tulazheldormash, from manufacture of simple machinery to manufacture of complicated high output equipment and machinery: track machines, gantry cranes, air receivers, electric jacks.

  During the past years the subordination of the enterprise and its name changed several times and only the professional skill of the machine building workers remained unchanged. The products manufactured by our enterprise are of high quality and  highly competitive with the domestic and foreign analogues and excel them in several technical properties.

  The enterprise has manufactured and supplied to the railways of Russia and CIS countries more than 4,460 pieces of machines and equipment including:

  • ballast cleaning machines — 136 pieces;
  • machines for snow removal, grading and cutting ground slopes - 81 pieces;
  • levelling, tamping and profilling machines — 572 pieces;
  • train formations for removal of litter — 65 pieces;
  • gantry cranes for track yards — 3,608 pieces;
  • machining complexes — 5 pieces.

  Since 2009 the enterprise has been manufacturing self-propelled track machines.

  The Joint Stock Company Tulazheldormash is not only a modern   enterprise equipped with up-to-date implements but it also has development departments on various specializations. We carry out updating and repair products manufactured by the enterprise, we also manufacture and repair cars for checking of weighing machines.

  The system of management of labour quality operates at the enterprise. From the quality of labour to the quality of products which is provided with the high professional skill and responsibility of the workers and is under the reliable protection of the inspection department. This direction permits us to manufacture products which do not have customers' remarks.

  There is a servicing department at the enterprise which performs starting and setting-up operations and guarantee and post-guarantee servicing of supplied products. We provide mounting of the cranes supplied  to our customers on their premises.

  The enterprise supplies spare parts and units for all manufactured products, we have an educational centre to teach the staff of the enterprise and workers operating our products.

  We are ready to cooperate with you and invite you to become familiar with the products manufactured by our enterprise.

  We hope our products will satisfy your needs in full measure.














25 Privokzalnaya street, Tula, 300005, Russian Federation
Ph. (4872) 52-00-25
Fax. (4872) 36-54-40


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