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 The Joint Stock Company Tulazheldormash carries out
the following services according to customers' requests:
  • major overhaul of cars for checking of weighing machines  similar to  VPV-640, A 300, VG 7123A;
  • repair of metal working, wood working, thermal equipment, forced equipment, load-lifting mechanisms, electric

    motors, cranes and crane tracks;

  • design, manufacture of nonstandard equipment, production tools and press tools for equipment. We manufacture

    metalwork,  forge work, load-lifting slings, parts and assemblies.

The training centre of the Joint Stock Company Tulazheldormash  carries out:
Training and certification in the field of the quality of industrial safety:
  • cranes and motor towers
  • vessels, operation under pressure
  • thermal power plants and  thermal systems
  • on safety rules in operation of installations of boiler supervision
  • on safety rules in operation of lifting devices
  • on safety rules in gas facilities
  • on operating rules of thermal power plants
  • on safety rules in operation of chimneys and ventilation industrial pipes
Training  of leading officials and specialists on protection of labour
Training on design and  procedures of operating the track machines: snow ploughs, SHCHOM, MKT, MOK
Training of employees the following jobs:
  • turner
  • milling machine operator
  • assembly fitter
  • electric and gas welders
  • carpenter, woodworker
Central laboratory of measuring facilities:
  • checking and calibration of measuring facilities of geometric values
  • checking and calibration of electric devices
Central enterprise laboratory:
  • chemical  analysis of metals
25 Privokzalnaya street, Tula, 300005, Russian Federation
Ph. (4872) 52-00-25
Fax. (4872) 36-54-40
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